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Steam & Squeeze – clearing facials with extractions

Extraction Facials – our signature treatment Over the summer, excessive use of sunblock and sweating, coupled with late nights enjoying the balmy weather can create a lot of blackheads and pimples. The team at The Clear Skin Clinic are leaders in facials with extractions – literally ‘cleaning’ the skin. The Extraction facials is the one treatment […]

A Clear New Start to The Year!

Clear Skin Tips from The Clear Skin Clinic: Is you skin feeling out of balance, congested and breaking out after the festive season and hot/humid weather? Are your experiencing hyperpigmentation, dark spots or dehydrated skin, from the higher sun exposure this summer? Read on! Solutions for acne, blackheads and redness The Clear Skin Clinic is […]

Get your skin ready for summer – part 2

Skincare tips focusing on body care: Exercise and nutrition That beauty comes from within is not a cliché. So the first step in your beauty regime should really be the most basic: healthy nutrition, regular exercise coupled with enough sleep. Regular exercise will help you to maintain a healthy weight and stay fit. It increases […]

Video: Environ Skincare on The Daily Edition!

Say Good Buy to Premature Ageing: In this Environ video, Bianca from Environ Skin Care Australia talks about how and why the amazing Environ products make your skin luminous, radiant and smoother. The Clear Skin Clinic in Double Bay stocks all products promoted in this video. To book your appointment call (02) 9327 5033. Welcome! […]

Environ Lonszyme Gold Roll-CIT™:

Improving the texture of your skin Environ Gold Roll-CITs is a meticulously crafted Roll-CIT with 260 ultra fine definitive points, making it the most effective Roll-CIT™ in the range. The Gold Roll-CIT™ is designed to help enhance the look and feel of your skin by allowing your daily moisturisers, serums and treatments to penetrate deeper into the skin. […]

Get your skin ready for summer – part 1

Blemishes & breakouts are often more common in summer. High humidity, high temperatures in combination with city pollution causes clogged pores and may contribute to the formation of acne. So when its hot and humid its even more important that you take care of your skin with the right product and treatments. Summer skincare for […]

da Vinci 10 homecare serum – in stock!

da Vinci 10 is a powerful homecare serum for daily use da Vinci 10 contains 5 powerful growth factors (measure 10,000ng/ml) specifically designed for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation. This is a “world first formula” allowing an effective anti-aging serum to be used at home. Growth Factors are proteins that are naturally occurring in the body. […]

Introducing Environ Avance DFP 312

Environ DFP312 Peptide Treatment What is Avance DFP 312? Avance DFP 312 is one of Environ’s latest advanced anti-ageing serums, based on an innovative combination of three anti-ageing peptides. What does it do and how does it do this? Avance DFP 312 is a luxurious multi-functional moisturiser that assists in reducing the appearance of fine lines […]

Environ: Importance of Active Ingredients

Environ Skincare Quality: AVST moisturiser chosen as the product containing the most active anti ageing ingredients. “We need to cover all aspects of free radical damage…Don’t rely on just one anti-oxidant, but a spectrum of antioxidants” Dr. Des Fernandes, founder of Environ Skin Care. Learn more about why active ingredients are so important in skincare […]

Environ’s Ionzyme Focus Hydrating Serum

The perfect serum for dehydrated winter skin: Environ’s Ionzyme Focus Hydrating Serum Ionzyme Focus Hydrating Serum contains high and effective concentration Hyaluronic Acid – an ingredient that replenish the skin’s natural moisture level. It hydrates & adds volume to targeted skin areas, and improves the appearance of fine lines.This product is suitable for all skin […]

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