Improving the texture of your skin

Environ Gold Roll-CITs is a meticulously crafted Roll-CIT with 260 ultra fine definitive points, making it the most effective Roll-CIT™ in the range. The Gold Roll-CIT™ is designed to help enhance the look and feel of your skin by allowing your daily moisturisers, serums and treatments to penetrate deeper into the skin. Together with Environ topical products it assists to improve skin texture and reduce the appearance of fine lines and uneven skin tone.

Use the Ionzyme Gold Roll-CIT in your regime after pre-cleansing, cleansing, and toning and before applying Environ skin care moisturisers or specialised products as recommended by your skin care professional.

Skin must be prepared with adequate doses of topical vitamin A, C, E and beta-carotene prior to treatment with the Gold Roll-Cit to avoid the possibility of a retinoid reaction.

How to use the Ionzyme Gold Roll-CIT™

  1. Roll vertically, obliquely and horizontally, for approximately 3 minutes on each area of the face.
  2. Apply recommended Environ moisturiser after rolling.
  3. Clean the instrument with warm water after every treatment and with the Roll-CIT™ cleaning solution once a week.
  4. Use as part of your evening regime to ensure that sunscreen ingredients don’t irritate the skin.

Environ Cosmetic Roll-CITs how to use infographic

Divide the face into sections – the forehead, the nose, the cheeks, the mouth area and the right and left sides of the neck, not forgetting the décolleté area and the back of the hands. Start on the forehead and roll vertically. Roll over the forehead and eyebrow area thoroughly. Gradually move across the skin until the forehead has been totally treated about two to five times in a vertical direction. Then roll obliquely at the same intensity covering the same areas and finally roll horizontally, rolling over each area of skin at least two to five times in each direction. Treat each area sequentially until the whole face, neck and décolleté have been treated thoroughly and evenly.

Please note that this product should only be used by those whose skin is already comfortable with Original Classic or C-Quence 2. If your skin feels sensitive after a rolling do not repeat until the skin feels comfortable. Start by rolling twice a week and slowly progress until you can use daily.

This product should be used on the upper and lower eyelids with caution.

Sunburn Alert: Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen, wear protective clothing, and limit sun exposure while using this instrument.

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