Dear customers, followers and readers.

It has come to our attention that there have been recent cases of mistaken identity. Please carefully check that you are contacting the right clinic if you have complaints. We have no affiliates and we do not take responsibility for issues that you may have had with other clinics. We are the original and only Clear Skin Clinic in Double Bay, and we care about our customers.

The original Clear Skin Clinic in Double Bay – only

The original Clear Skin Clinic – not to be confused with other skin care clinics – is an independent beauty salon operating in Double Bay only. The Original Clear Skin Clinic specialises in non-invasive skincare and treatments for a healthier skin.

The original CSC focuses on treating people with mild to severe acne. “We believe that correct skincare and lifestyle choices better address the problem at the source, and in the long term” says Dee Davies, skincare specialist at The Clear Skin Clinic.

“We take great pride in the professional quality of our work and reputation for being an independent and owner operated clinic – we are not affiliated with any other clinics in Sydney. Our customer’s needs and interest always come first. We care about quality and personalised services”

The Clear Skin Clinic embraces your feedback

Because we care about our customers, we embrace online feedback. We understand that customers in need of our services want to see proof that it’s an effective treatment. Therefore we welcome customers reviews on independent online channels such as Facebook, Google+ and Womo. Understandingly customer reviews build trust. We don’t pursue our customer to buy any products, in fact, we give away product samples that lasts for weeks so that you can test them, and make an informed decision about your skincare regime.”

The original and only Clear Skin Clinic in Double Bay has been operating for more than 14 years.

Get in contact with us by sending a message or call the clinic on (02) 9327 5033.


The CSC team